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Purchase of the Grevelingen, soon to become the Carham


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E T Dinsdale & Co came into being after World War I as a ship broking, trading, and ship owning business. Little is known directly of the companies trading history, although the little evidence gleaned from public sources indicates a relatively short and unimpressive trading record.


The company headed notepaper – the only original document available - describes the company’s business as “B
ROKERS FOR THE CHARTERING, SALE, PURCHASE AND TIMECHARTERING OF STEAMERS”. It further claims for the company “Steam Ship Owners and Brokers” and “Coal Exporters”.
Perhaps something of an opportunistic and speculative business start up.

Associated Companies
The company headed paper includes a reference to the Fulwell Steamship Co. Ltd at the same address, telex and telephone number. Nothing more is known of this company.
Trading History

This trading information has been gleaned from Lloyds List and other historical material in the National Maritime Museum Library, Greenwich. Further research should provide a more detailed summary.

Lloyds 1920-1
E T Dinsdale & Co. is listed only in the ‘Telegraphic Address List’. It is not shown as an owner. Address given as York Chambers, Sunderland, and Telegrams as VIGINTI.

Lloyds 1923-4
E T Dinsdale & Co. is shown as a ship owner alongside the Fulwell SS Co. Ltd., with a full entry in the register. The only vessel is the S. Carham (#65854 S. Carham 1920 626 tons ex Grevelingen built 1920 by Gebr. Volker Sliedrecht – a Dutch Yard on the Scheldt (Rhine) estuary)

Lloyds 1926-7
E T Dinsdale & Co. is still shown as a ship owner alongside the Fulwell SS Co. Ltd., with a full entry in the register. The address has changed to Midland Bank Chambers, St Thomas Street, Sunderland. Again the only vessel is the S. Carham.

Lloyds 1928-9
E T Dinsdale & Co. is no longer listed. The Carham has been renamed the ‘Sunnland’ and passed to a new, Norwegian, owner (C K Christophersen of Drammen, Norway). During this period (and this is witnessed by the manual updates made to the register) it was also owned by an intermediary or two (T Young, South Dock, Sunderland and T G Irving Ltd, Central Buildings, Sunderland). One might assume forfeiture in lieu of port charges?

There is no further trading record for the company, and we know that at around this time E T Dinsdale moved inland to Sacriston where he took employment in the coal mining industry.


E T Dinsdale

19 September 1882
23 March 1936