*   A Brief Explanation of the 'Dinsdale' and 'Philip' Ship Photographs


The collection of photographs we viewed recently were from David's collection and I thought this 'web page' method best to provide a tie-in from the photographs to our current knowledge of the vessels, and how  we can demonstrate family linkages.





River Wear 1923


Henry Brand 1907   Can you tell me any more?

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Brodie Obituary

ETD CV Carham Purchase  
  Fulwell Steamship Co.
E T Dinsdale & Co.



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A Brodie Philip ship

On Reverse "Grandfathers last ship is taken by him to the Shipbreakers yard to be broken up" - written by Grandma Minnie Dinsdale. 

Dated on front as 22/7/07

Further Lloyds information available - will research further at NMM - ICD  
Lloyds Registry 1880
IS Henry Brand, 445 tons, built Hartlepool 1866   Master: H. Coombes
Owner: James Ledger Hill, Gloucester Square, Southampton.
Lloyds Registry 1870
Owner: R Young Wisbeach Surrey.  Hartlepool registered, Baltic trade.
Note: J. L. Hill later merged with W & E.
Presumption is that this description refers to Brodie Philip and he was Master of this ship. If so it was probably a Witherington & Everett vessel.

Note: [Henry BRAND, The Viscount Hampden, Birth 1814 Death1892]



Farnham - card to Mr. Dinsdale "on passage from Victoria Dock to Alex Dock"

Anybody know where these docks are, or were?

No further information available - will research further at NMM - ICD  
A vessel on charter to ET Dinsdale? Or perhaps a vessel he brokered whilst at V T Thompson?    


A Brodie Philip ship

River Wear

Handwritten on reverse:-

April 2nd 1923 entering Le Tréport.


Le Tréport is just north of Dieppe

River Wear of  Sunderland

Also entering Le Tréport

I have entries for the River Wear in Lloyds registry for 1920-21 and 1928-29. ( I haven't looked at the other years)

The River Wear was a ship of 1164 Net Tons, and built in 1912.

Listed as owners are Witherington & Everett of 27 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne. In 1928 the River Wear was one of six owned ships, and twelve under management. In 1921 the Master is listed as B G Dickinson.

Brodie Philip

Further Research:-
Tyne & Wear Archives Service contains  http://thenortheast.com/archives/about.html
Witherington and Everett, Newcastle:

Letter books 1898-1962; ledgers 1899-1968; cash books 1898-1942; journals 1899-1952; invoice books 1899-1963; voyage ledgers 1898-1958; photographs 1903-1958; Ships Voyage file 1924-1940; Ships insurance renewals 1929-1932 etc Refs 915, 1658


Brodie Philip 


6 May 1844
15 Aug 1937

Brodie Philip retired from work circa 1912 at the age of 68 (est.). He had latterly been appointed commodore of the W&E fleet.